New Timeshift and DVR functionality for the Live Stream

streamscape2-16x9We’re really excited to announce that StreamScape is introducing new timeshift technology to the onLandscape conference stream.

The new technology allows viewers in any time zone to join the conference stream and rewind to the start or even skip sections if they wish. The DVR like timeshift is implemented through a Wowza media server and a JW player to give beautifully encoded video which can also be streamed at different bandwidths for differing internet connections around the world.

David Hutchinson, MD of Streamscape said, “We are striving to make sure that no matter what device you are viewing the conference on or how fast your internet connection we have an option for you to view the conference live and in catch-up.”

The conference files will also be downloadable and watchable on-line after the event for at least 1 year.