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Live Conference Streaming

Live Conference Streaming

Streaming conferences live adds a whole new dimension to their viability and importance. We streamed Europe’s biggest landscape photography event of the year from the Rheged Centre in Cumbria to almost 500 people each paying £13 with Streamscape Pay Per View.

Increase Your Impact

Incease the impact of your event and give attendees the ability to re-watch the presentations via on-demand viewing.
Sell on-demand versions of the conference over an extended period and offer the downloads to encourage sign-ups for future events.

Example Conference Pricing

Every conference is unique and different and so we price on a per job basis, however it’s always good to have some sort of marker for what it’s likely to cost.

Our standard conference package provides 3 cameras and up to six hours of satellite streaming. One camera has a Cameraman operator plus we provide a Director/Engineer who switches and sets up the mobile production unit and stream. The cost is £975 per day plus mileage and accommmodation if required. If you would like a detailed quotation to stream your conference, telephone us on 01904 295961 or use this contact form.